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We specialize in the type of marketing that is very difficult to implement in the USA because of the many constricting laws that hamstring mass marketing users today.  The type of marketing we are talking about is Mass Email Marketing, Text Mobile Marketing, and Predictive Dialer Services.  Because we are a Hong Kong-based operation we can provide these services to USA based companies with the freedom not awarded to companies who are United States-based and ran.

Anyone who has tried this type of marketing themselves or used a US-based company like Mail Chimp knows that your just one marketing campaign away from being shut down and or fined.  Only political campaigns like the RNC or DNC can enjoy this type of marketing freedom in the United States.  Of course that makes sense since its congress who writes all the laws.

We are a boutique marketing firm only looking to take on a few respected high-end clients.  We still have a few spots available so if you need to mass market with impunity then call our Hong Kong office at +85281799972 or email us for a quote at

Mass Email Marketing

We have 10 servers based throughout the UK, France, and Germany with 110 rotating VIPs with the capacity to send 1 million emails per day.

Predictive Dialer Services

We own a VISIDAIL predictive; the original and best dialer system ever made with an upgraded capacity to auto-dial 100 calls a second. Whether your phone room has ten agents or a hundred we can accommodate.

Text Mobile Marketing

Our text mobile platform is powered by Trumpia the most sophisticated advance mobile platform on the planet. We can send out one million text messages in an instant over our shortcode and not even blink.

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